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8. may 2015

It is time to sign up for the SEE MEET Pomurje 2015 event

In November we are going to host the second international match-making business Meet-up according to the Futurallie – SEE MEET Pomurje 2015 concept, which aroused the attention ...
12. march 2014

Among the winners of the European cities and regions of the future 2014-2015 competition!

Pomurje region and the town Lendava have received awards for their FDI strategy and competitiveness among European cities and regions.

Pomurje Facts

Slovenia Facts

Invest Pomurje
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Our support is personal and tailored to the needs of the investors because we understand that every investor is unique!

The Regional Development Agency Mura Ltd. (RDA Mura) is responsible for the development of enterpreneurship and attraction of FDI into the Pomurje region, located in the north-east of Slovenia, bordering to Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

The Pomurje Region won 4 "European Cities & Regions of the Future 2014/2015" awards.
Shows high level of direct foreign investments.

Business investments in Pomurje are monitored by the Slovenian government through region-specific measures associated with new investments and new job openings in the framework of the "Act Regulating Development Support in the Pomurje Region".

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Creates attractive business environment for companies.


industrial-business areas


hectares of land

Industrial areas

Five industrial-business areas, located in Murska Sobota, Lendava, Gornja Radgona and Ljutomer, are spread on over 290 hectares of land.

Activities in Industrial areas

The industrial zones are dedicated to the following activities: industry, production, business, transport, trade and service.

Prospective branches:

  • Food and drink production
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Chemical industry
  • Metal processing industry
  • Construction industry

Natural resources:

  • Fertile soil
  • Favourable climate
  • Geothermal energy
  • Renewable energies
Pomurje is home to several foreign companies ranking among the top five European companies in their respective industries.
  • Construction materials and equipment
  • Agriculture machinery
  • Food processing
  • Metal processing
  • Enviromental service
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
Pomurje prides itself on its highly qualified workforce.

The favourable equation of working costs relative to the high quality of human resources is the region's crucial competitive advantage.

Employment and training support organizations in the Pomurje region

Provides special tenders for foreign companies.
Invest Slovenia
More information about
business enviroment in Slovenia.
The national co-financing tenders and national cost sharing grant scheme for foreign investors cover up to 50% of investment costs.
12. march 2014

Among the winners of the European cities and regions of the future 2014-2015 competition!

Pomurje region and the town Lendava have received awards for their FDI strategy and competitiveness among European cities and regions.

Located along the fifth European transport corridor connecting Barcelona and Kiev, Pomurje is intersected by the railroad connecting Slovenia and Hungary as well as the Lendava - Ljubljana - Koper highway.

Slovenia and Pomurje are both situated at the heart of Europe; the vicinity of neighbouring capital cities has always been giving rapid rise to economic development of the area. The region is an important centre of transportation and logistic activities and therefore one of the most marketable and attractive regions in this part of Europe.

Representing a springboard for reaching other markets in the region.
  • Road network
  • Railroad network
  • Air network
Foreign investments in Pomurje grew by more than 90% in the last 5 years.
"Pomurje caught my attention with the mentality of its people, skilled workforce and very good price-quality relation the region offer."
Karl – Heinz Schuler,
Shareholder an Managing Director,
Carthago Motorhomes production, Germany

Many foreign investors, i.e. global companies ranking among the top providers in their respective market segment, who have been operating in this region, have experienced the advantages of Pomurje over the last decade.

Over the last ten years, the economy of Pomurje has experienced many changes on its path of transforming itself from the once traditional to modern branches by using state-of-the-art technologies, developing and leveraging the advantages of energy obtained from renewable sources in an effort to preserve the environment, and producing premium quality products that generate high added value on a global scale.

I feel Slovenia Pomurje - Rejdno dobro
Shows excellent quality of life.

In Pomurje, a symbiosis of flora and fauna, in combination with air, water, and earth, offers invaluable opportunities for high-quality, nature-oriented living. Preservation and perpetual developoment of life and working standards, those which meet social, economic and ecological standards and expectations of population and visitors to our region, are our highest priority.

Support for successful and high-quality development

RDA Mura carries out free of charge support
consultancy service for investors in the decision-making
process, investment implementation phase and
also during the post-investment period.

If you're looking to invest, we can help you save time and money,
so that your investment is effective and profitable.

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