Pristine nature just around the corner
Perfect location with excellent transport links
Safe and family-friendly environment

Why invest in Pomurje Region?

Pomurje is a stable business region with a secure framework for business, innovative research programmes and development opportunities. It is also famous for its high quality of life.  

Industries in %
Agriculture (7.6%)
Development (31.9%)
Service Industry (60.5%)
Foreign direct investments (2000-2016) in € million
Why invest in Pomurje Region?
Source: Bank of Slovenia

Where to invest? Pomurje is a region with a growing economy and global dimensions

Pomurje is committed to becoming a sustainable region, building on the industries of the future and capitalising on areas in which we have a competitive edge.

Top ten!Investment advantages in brief

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We provide information on investment and development opportunities in Pomurje
We deliver valuable insights on the business environment
We arrange site visits and meetings with local authorities
We arrange meetings with regional business partners and professional consultants
We engage with legislators to ease the current legislation
We strive towards improved conditions for foreign investors
We create taskforces around specific projects to ensure the best possible collaborative environment
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