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Murska Sobota Regional Development Centre (RCMS) is a one-stop shop for information on Pomurje Region. Alongside details of investment and development opportunities, the RCMS provides free-of-charge advice on all aspects of investments, and can arrange site visits and contact with local authorities, local business partners and professional regional consultants.

We are a regional institution committed to fostering sustainable economic development and promoting enterprise in Pomurje and the city of Murska Sobota, with a strong commitment to preserving existing natural resources and protecting the region’s cultural heritage.  

We can provide you with all the information and support you need for your business: 

  • We provide information on investment and development opportunities in Pomurje
  • We deliver valuable insights on the business environment
  • We arrange site visits and meetings with local authorities
  • We arrange meetings with regional business partners and professional consultants
  • We engage with legislators to ease the current legislation
  • We strive towards improved conditions for foreign investors
  • We create taskforces around specific projects to ensure the best possible collaborative environment 

Industries in %
Agriculture (7.6%)
Development (31.9%)
Service Industry (60.5%)
And there's more to come...
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Aleš Skalič
Development Opportunities Consultant