Pomurje Region – Springboard for Foreign Direct Investment

Pomurje Region lies in the north-east of Slovenia, in the heart of Central Europe, neighbouring Austria to the north, Hungary to the east and Croatia to the south. Located along the fifth European transport corridor, Pomurje Region is intersected by one of the EU’s most strategic routes. The vicinity of neighbouring capital cities and a favourable geostrategic position make the region an important centre for transport and logistics activities. It is, quite simply, one of the most marketable and attractive regions in this part of Europe.

Pomurje is the flattest region of Slovenia, stretching for 1,337 km² along the River Mura. It has extensive arable land, fertile soil, wine-growing hills, natural surroundings and a continental climate, all of which create favourable conditions for agriculture and the production of fresh, local food. Owing to the rich geothermal resources and the diversity and integrity of the landscape, nature provides relaxation and wellness, as well as a wealth of sports and recreational opportunities, making Pomurje a great environment for investing in sustainable tourism. Pomurje is also one of the most attractive tourist regions in Slovenia: 9% of all visitors to Slovenia come here.

The region’s most valuable asset, however, is the people (there are around 117,005 inhabitants). A long industrial tradition, in-depth knowledge of the markets of south-eastern Europe, integrity, competence and motivation, as well as a good command of foreign languages, are some of the qualities appreciated by the foreign investors employing local people at their production facilities in Pomurje Region.

Advantages and potentials of Pomurje Region

  • Favourable geostrategic position and integration with the geographical hinterland
  • Geothermal and other renewable energy sources
  • Production based on high technology and design
  • High-quality and competitive workforce with experience in a range of industries
  • Vertical integration between agriculture and the food industry
  • Established wellness, spa and medical tourism services
  • Natural resources in conjunction with sports and recreational activities
  • Well-preserved natural and cultural heritage (for many service activities)
  • Traditional home cooking and superb wines
  • Water and energy potential of the River Mura

Investment opportunities

European regulatory framework

Our commitment to strengthening the region’s economy has created a chain of industrial zones that boast modern infrastructure effective at facilitating all kinds of investment. Pomurje Region can offer more than 3,680,000 m2 of building plots available for construction in existing or new industrial and business zones.

With competitive land prices and full administrative support, we can find a suitable solution for all your business needs that meet the requirements specific to your industry.

A company operating in Pomurje Region follows the rules and standards of the EU. The construction process is carried out in line with the European Union directive on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).


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