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As a regional development agency, Murska Sobota Development Centre is responsible for developing enterprise and attracting FDI into the Pomurje Region, which is located in the north-east of Slovenia, close to Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

The Development Centre provides free-of-charge support and consultancy services to investors in the decision-making process, investment implementation phase and post-investment period. Support and services for investors include:

  • Information on legislation, taxes and incentives
  • Information on industrial sites and local suppliers
  • Links with industry and local authorities
  • Full settlement support for foreign investors, from decision-making to final implementation of an investment project
  • Incentives for foreign investors of up to 50% of investment costs
  • After-care support services

Because we understand that every investor is unique, our support is personal and tailored to their needs.


Pomurje prides itself on its highly qualified workforce.

One of the region’s crucial competitive advantages is that high-quality human resources are available at a very competitive price.

Every year, 600 students from Pomurje Region graduate from universities in Slovenia and abroad (Graz, Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest). The region benefits from highly qualified young experts who are familiar with Slovenian and neighbouring markets. This is underpinned by an excellent knowledge of languages such as English, German, Hungarian and Croatian.


Special tenders for foreign companies.

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Business Environment Incentives


Represents a springboard for reaching other markets in Central Europe.


Pomurje Region has a dense network of local, regional and international roads. The main international motorway connection leading through the region is part of European Road Corridor V (Barcelona-Kiev).


Pomurje Region is crossed by the Mediterranean railway corridor (Lyon-Trieste-Koper-Ljubljana-Budapest), which connects the ports of Koper and Trieste with Budapest and further on to Ukraine. The region is less than 50 km away from a major railway corridor crossing (the Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic corridors); this allows investors to ship goods via rail to almost any part of Europe and through the ports of Koper and Trieste to the rest of the world.


Pomurje Region is located close to four major international airports: Graz (100 km), Zagreb (170 km), Ljubljana (180 km) and Vienna (230 km). Driving time from these airports to Pomurje ranges between 1 and 2.5 hours.


Pomurje is home to several companies ranking among the top five European companies in their respective industries.

  • Agricultural machinery: Heissenberger&Pretzler
  • Food processing: Fluery Michon, Lukos Agro
  • Environmental services: Saubermacher
  • Metal processing: Sikla, Kemper, Cleangrad, Arcont
  • Construction materials and equipment: Tondach, Baumit, Altrad
  • Electronics: XAL, Elrad International
  • Automotive: Carthago, Kutsenits
  • Clothing and footwear: Wolford, Escada, Rene Lezard, Huber, Meindl
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals: Lek

Pomurje region shows excellent quality of life.

Pomurje is highly rated when it comes to life satisfaction. This is a vibrant region boasting lush nature, rich traditions, cultural heritage and the most hospitable people. The magic of its small towns, its rural areas with urban elements, its pristine natural environment and a supportive social welfare system make Pomurje Region a great place to live and work.

There are many reasons to live and work in Pomurje, including:

  • Pristine nature just around the corner 
  • Perfect location with excellent transport links
  • Safe and family-friendly environment
  • Continental climate
  • Business culture
  • Lively urban culture
  • Welfare system
  • Gender and national equality

Creates attractive business environment for companies.

Industrial areas

Industrial and business zones in Murska Sobota, Lendava, Ljutomer and Gornja Radgona are spread across over 3,680,000 m2 of land.

These zones come with all infrastructure facilities, including water and electricity supply systems, gas, telecommunications and fibre-optic cables; they are also connected to treatment plants designed to meet all the relevant ecological standards. These areas allow construction work to start quickly, since procedures for obtaining building permits are swift and efficient.

The zones are located alongside the main road and rail network, which enables the uninterrupted movement of goods to virtually all areas of the European Union.

Activities in industrial areas

Industrial zones are dedicated to the following activities: industry, production, business, transport, trade and services.

Prospective branches:

  • Food and agriculture 
  • Pharmaceutical and chemicals
  • Metal processing and automotive
  • Construction

Natural resources:

  • Fertile soil
  • Favourable climate
  • Geothermal energy and renewable energies

Shows high level of direct foreign investments.

Business investments in Pomurje Region are monitored by the Slovenian government through region-specific measures associated with new investments and new jobs under the Development Support in the Pomurje Region Act.


The Pomurje Region won 4 'European Cities & Regions of the Future' awards.

  • TOP 10 South European Cities FDI Strategy
  • TOP 10 South European Regions FDI Strategy
  • TOP 10 South European Regions FDI Overall
  • TOP 10 Micro Cities FDI Strategy

The national co-financing tenders and national cost sharing grant scheme for foreign investors cover up to 45% of investment costs.

Take a look at our stimulating investment opportunities and see how we can support you:

Business Environment Incentives

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