Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
Leading the way in cutting-edge technology in Pomurje Region.

Pomurje Region has a long tradition of chemicals and pharmaceuticals dating back to the first half of the 19th century. Following successful expansion in the chemicals industry from the manufacture of basic chemicals to that of finished consumer goods (pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, pesticides, and rubber and plastic products), Pomurje’s chemicals companies are increasing their foothold in many key markets and extending their operations into numerous countries around the world.  

The Pomurje Region’s advantages for the chemicals and pharmaceutical industries include:

  • Rich natural resources: a unique supply of geothermal resources
  • Skilled labour: a highly educated and skilled workforce
  • Environment-friendly: green energy and high-quality infrastructure

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Tadej Pirc
Tadej Pirc
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GALEX d.d.

Tišinska ulica 29G
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

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Galex produces tea, medicines, cosmetic products and food supplements.
With more than 20 years of tradition and a renowned quality of its products, Galex has followed a clear motto: Your health is our inspiration.
Although most of our products and services have only been sold in the Slovenian market until now, we plan to expand to foreign markets within and beyond the EU borders.
Our company follows good manufacturing practices (GMP). Our primary goal is to take care of our clients' health and improve the quality of their lives; we thus maintain the highest standards in all stages of production. We listen to the wishes of our clients, customizing our offer of quality products accordingly.
Vission and mission
"Your health is our inspiration" has been the principal guideline of our company. Our vision is to remain a competitive provider of various products that promote health and enhance the quality of life. We would also like to offer new cosmetic products and medicines in the local and foreign markets.


Trimlini 2D
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 577 33 33
+386 (0)2 578 13 31
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We are a part of Novartis, a leading global pharmaceutical company in the field of innovative and affordable generic medications. In Slovenia, we operate in Ljubljana, Mengeš, Lendava and Prevalje.


In Lendava, we have two strategically important units, i.e. the Anti-infectives unit, where we produce the key component used in a major broad-spectrum antibiotic, and the Packaging Center for medications in solid form, which supplies more than 60 countries worldwide with diverse and extensive portfolio of medications.


The Novartis products are available to patients in more than 180 countries around the world.


We are discovering and developing top quality medicines and new ways of treatment, which will ensure access to medications for as many people as possible. We are driven by business ethics and high quality of our products.

Vission and mission

Our mission is to discover new ways to improve and prolong the lives of people. Our vision is to become a leading and trustworthy player in the field of changing treatment approaches.


Lipovci 251a
SI-9231 Beltinci

+386 (0)2 541 34 00
+386 (0)2 541 34 08
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We are involved in the production of premixtures, mineral compound feeds, nutraceutics, nutritional supplements for pets and animal care products.
More than 30 years of tradition in production quality and expertise.
Slovenia, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Russian Federation, Malaysia
We believe in the power of knowledge and modern technology and follow trends in animal nutrition. Our production process follows the best production practice, which is attested by the certificate for Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System (FAMI QS) we have acquired. We are aware that environmental protection is important and have acquired the ISO 14001 standard to prove our efforts made in this field.
Vission and mission
Our objective is to expand the range of products to other fields of animal breeding and to ensure their safety and innovation in order to attract consumers.
Key sectors