Civil Engineering and Construction Products
Driven by a commitment to high-quality products that meet the most demanding requirements.

Companies in Pomurje Region operate internationally, meet the most demanding international standards and guarantee high-quality products. Their ability to execute projects from the planning phase to final implementation is a long-standing tradition within the regional construction and engineering sector. Companies have been exceptionally successful in designing and constructing residential buildings, public buildings, tourist facilities, health resorts, industrial buildings and road infrastructure. The construction sector is the driving force in the region.

The engineering and construction advantages of the region include:

  • Rich natural resources: a unique supply of sustainable energy (geothermal resources)
  • Skilled labour: a highly educated and skilled workforce
  • Location: located in the north-east of Slovenia, at the crossroads of Austria, Hungary and Croatia

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Net income (EUR millions)
Aleš Skalič
Aleš Skalič
Development Opportunities Consultant


KEMA d.o.o.

Puconci 393
SI-9201 Puconci

+386 (0)2 545 95 00
info at-no-spam kema dot-no-spam si

We are an export-oriented company specialising in the production of quartz sand and material used in the final construction works.
With more than 60 years of experience, we are one of the leading providers of material used for final construction works and of comprehensive solutions both in Slovenia and abroad.
Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and Russia
Satisfied customers and the promotion of corporate social responsibility. Recipient of the award for the most energy efficient company in Slovenia, conferred by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and The Finance newspaper.
Vission and mission
To be one of the leading producers of building materials used in the final stages of construction for Central and South-eastern Europe, and to offer innovative as well high-quality construction products and comprehensive systematic solutions.


Trimlini 2i
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 578 82 80
+386 (0)2 570 16 22
info at-no-spam legartis dot-no-spam si

Legartis gradbeno podjetje d.o.o. is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of tradition in civil engineering. Its origins go back to the year 1991.


Today, Legartis is a modern company performing construction works within and beyond the broader local environment. The major part of civil engineering projects have been performed for known investors, through public procurement procedures (i.e. municipalities, schools, hospitals, retirement homes etc.). The value of projects varies between EUR 300,000 and EUR 1,200,000. The company employs 80 to 100 workers, the number depending on the average volume of seasonal work.


Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary


Reliability, quality, consistency, proficiency.

Vission and mission

Our vision is to become the leading mid-size civil engineering company in the region.


Bakovska ulica 31
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 534 18 11
+386 (0)2 534 18 25
info at-no-spam pomgrad dot-no-spam si

Every company of the Pomgrad group specialises in certain tasks from a wide range of construction works. As a result, we can offer complete civil engineering services in the market.
We are among the leading civil engineering groups in the Adriatic region.
As much as 80% of our revenues are generated in the Slovenian market.
The quality assurance strategy of the Pomgrad group is based on comprehensive quality management, synergy among the group companies and our dedication to the client.
Vission and mission
We would like to remain the leading Slovenian civil engineering group and a major constructor in the broader region. Our plans involve sustainable business efficiency achieved through organic cooperation with the environment. The Pomgrad group offers complete civil engineering services to its clients, who are provided reliable, professional, quality services with respect for the natural and social environment in which we work.

REFLEX Gornja Radgona d.o.o.

Podgrad 4
SI-9250 Gornja Radgona

+386 (0)2 564 35 03
+386 (0)2 564 35 44
info at-no-spam reflex dot-no-spam si

We are an innovative Slovenian company involved in the processing and enhancement of flat glass (e.g. the manufacture of insulation glazing, tempered and laminated glass) as well as production and installation of aluminium and glass facades, shower enclosures and refrigeration doors.
We have 37 years of tradition in managing challenges emerging with the use of glass in architecture and construction.
We generate 55% of our revenues in the Slovenian market and 45% abroad.
We are holders of the comprehensive quality management certificate in line with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the following product quality certificates: the RAL quality certificate attesting to the continuous and controlled quality of insulation glazing, the ift-Konformitätszertifikat certificate of conformity for the continuous and controlled quality of insulation and tempered glass, heat-soak tested tempered glass, partially tempered glass and laminated glass.
Vission and mission
Our aim is to remain the leading company in the field of processing flat glass and the leading provider of glass façades for facilities located in Slovenia and abroad.

SEGRAP d.o.o., Ljutomer

Glavni trg 13
SI-9240 Ljutomer

+386 (0)2 585 17 00
info at-no-spam segrap dot-no-spam si

The company is active in the production and sales of all gravel materials and concrete mixtures. The offer includes the sales of concrete products and vehicle fleet services. In the framework of the Bioterme Hotel, the company has also become an important player in the tourism sector.


We were the main supplier of gravel material in the construction of the Pomurje motorway at the northeast of Slovenia and a major supplier of concrete for viaducts and bridges situated along the motorway route.


The company operates mainly in the Slovenian market, while also increasing the presence in foreign markets.


Our products comply with all standards and technical requirements.

Vission and mission

Our vision is to establish a company with high expertise and quality products and services to successfully meet the present and future challenges. The policy, leadership and work of the company are led by the idea of growth and continuous development, while making efforts to meet the needs and maximize satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees.


Boreci 49
SI-9240 Ljutomer

+386 (0)2 588 86 00
prodaja at-no-spam tondach dot-no-spam si

The company manufactures and sells premium quality natural clay roof products.
Over 100 years of brick-making tradition in the village of Boreci, the Municipality of Križevci pri Ljutomeru TONDACH Slovenija is part of the Wienerberger AG Group, the world's largest producer of bricks used for walls, roofs and façades. With over 214 production facilities located across 30 countries, the Group employs more than 10,000 people.
We generate 56% of sales in the Slovenian market, and 44% through export.
We are the holder of Natureplus, a European international quality label for building products – a recognition of health, the environment and functionality at the highest quality level.
Vission and mission
With the Porotherm and Tondach brick products, Wienerberger provides comprehensive solutions in construction, which can be applied throughout an entire building. The customer is placed at the very centre of the process. We supply the market with top-quality products, information and technical support in brick massive construction, which is one of the principal trends in construction around the globe.


Industrijska ulica 4B
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 577 65 00
uprava at-no-spam varis-lendava dot-no-spam si

Varis Lendava manufactures innovative prefabricated concrete and lightweight bathrooms, concrete elements for skate parks and pump tracks as well as designer bathrooms radiators.


We are a company with 38 years of tradition. We have so far produced over 80,000 prefabricated bathrooms that have been installed in some of the most luxurious hotel chains (Sheraton, Hampton by Hilton, Motel One, Holiday Inn, IC) as well as in hospitals, retirement homes, apartment buildings, student dormitories and prisons.


As many as 90% of revenue is generated at foreign markets; 70% of this is realised in Germany, where we are one of the market leaders with a 14% market share.


We follow the ISO 9001 standard and have received various innovation awards as well as the RED-DOR award for the Memory radiator.

Vission and mission

The aim is to become the leading manufacturer of prefabricated bathrooms in Europe. Our mission is to produce innovative, high-quality and sustainable prefabricated bathrooms.

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