Food and Agriculture
The strong presence of natural resources makes Pomurje Region the best choice for agricultural economics.

Fertile soil, a favourable climate, renewable energy and a wealth of geothermal energy resources make Pomurje Region the perfect location for a broad range of agricultural industries: greenhouse production with zero-carbon-footprint potential, pesticide-free growth, low-cost production, organic farming, etc. Easy access to food and other agricultural commodities, livestock and local farmers are the reason why food processing companies have established operations in this region and become one of its leading sectors.

The agricultural advantages of the region include:

  • Rich natural resources: a unique supply of sustainable energy (geothermal resources)
  • Skilled labour: a highly educated and skilled workforce
  • Environment-friendly: green energy and high-quality infrastructure

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Net income (EUR millions)
Tadej Pirc
Tadej Pirc
Business Environment Consultant


KODILA d.o.o.

Markišavci 44
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 522 36 00
+386 (0)2 522 36 05
info at-no-spam kodila dot-no-spam si

We are a family-run company which has been involved in traditional meat processing and the manufacture of meat products for three generations.


Our offering comprises dried meat products salted dry and naturally smoked with beech wood and sawdust as well as pâtés, crackling spread, minced lard and dried delicatessen. No preservatives are used in our products.


Over 95% of our sales are generated on the Slovenian market, and the rest on the markets of Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria.


Our production is carried out in line with the following motto: “When you know what’s on your plate”. Our sales range comprises protected products for which we acquired the adequate certificates subject to ongoing control, e.g. the Prekmurje ham with the protected designation of origin, the kranjska klobasa sausage and organic meat products.

Vission and mission

Our mission and vision are to promote and reinforce the recognisability of the Kodila brand on the Slovenian market and to increase foreign sales.


Industrijska 11
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 234 16 20
info at-no-spam mlinopek dot-no-spam si

The company produces bread, bakery wares and confectionary products and processes wheat, rye, buckwheat and millet.
We are the largest bread-making company in the Pomurje region and one of the largest wheat buyers in Slovenia.
All of our sales are generated on the Slovenian market.
We have so far received 37 awards by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for premium quality of bread and bakery wares, and for the premium quality of flour which is exclusively supplied to the finest bakeries.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to become the leading baking and milling company in the country and to pamper our customers with superb and fresh products.


Dobrovnik 115E
SI-9223 Dobrovnik

+386 (0)2 573 73 05
+386 (0)2 573 73 06
info at-no-spam oceanorchids dot-no-spam si

The company is involved in the production and sales of orchids.
We grow 2 million orchids per year using geothermal energy.
30% of our plants are sold in the Slovenian market and 70% abroad (Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy etc.).
In 2010, we were awarded the Bronze Medal for our “Ocean Cascada” orchid at the International Orchid Exhibition in Germany at an event called Dresdner Ostern mit Internationaler Orchideen-Welt. In the same year, we were awarded a Gold and Silver Medal for our “Ocean Cascada” orchid at the International Horti Fair 2010 which was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to become the leading Phalaenopsis orchid producer in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

OSEM d.o.o.

Čopova ulica 28
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 542 30 06
+386 (0)2 542 30 07
osem at-no-spam siol dot-no-spam net

We produce non-perishable canned meats. Our product range also includes patés, spam and ready-made meals under the PREMIUM and KEKEC brands, and products for retailer brands such as SPAR, EUROSPIN, TUŠ etc.


Our in-house knowledge and development efforts are the basis for the production of Slovenian-made preserved delicatessen. Our production line boasts state-of-the-art technology and a production capacity of 2000 tonnes per year under optimum conditions.


95% of our sales are generated in Slovenia and 5% abroad.


Our products are thermally processed and thus permanently sterile. Our company holds the HACCP certification. We were awarded the silver and bronze medal at the international AGRA 2012 agricultural fair held in Gornja Radgona.

Vission and mission

We will continue to produce safe products of premium quality, which are the result of our in-house knowledge, development, recipes, technology and experience from the field of processing delicatessen products.


Lendavska 5
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 530 36 10
+386 (0)2 530 36 32
info at-no-spam panvita dot-no-spam si

The Panvita Group unites companies involved in the controlled and ecological growing and processing of food in line with the farm-to-table principle.
The group bases its operation on 90 years of tradition and has established a vertical integration of its companies.
Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia
The vertical integration of companies within the Panvita Group ensures traceability, control and quality assurance across the entire line of production.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to become the leading provider of food products on the domestic market and an important player in Central Europe. Our mission is reflected in our commitment to environmentally friendly growing of crops and sustainable animal breeding. We will continue to build our corporate image on values such as partnership, confidence, reliability, flexibility and dedication.


Renkovci 57 C
SI-9224 Turnišče

+386 (0)2 572 22 50
+386 (0)2 572 22 55
info at-no-spam lust dot-no-spam si

We are the leading local producer of premium tomatoes grown in greenhouses. We hold the major market share in this segment and have established a high-profile brand called LUST.
On 60,000 square meters of greenhouses, we produce 3,300 tonnes of tasty tomatoes per year. We also bring together local food producers under our own Lušt brand.
Lušt tomatoes are highly valued not only in Slovenia, but also in other European markets.
The tomatoes are grown in a natural substrate in heated greenhouses by following the biotechnological principles. Our competitive advantages are the wide range of tomato varieties we grow and their rich flavours to cater to every taste.
Vission and mission
Our aim is to become the leading producer of vegetables in Slovenia and in South-Eastern Europe with the widest selection of tomato varieties.


Industrijska ulica 10
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 536 12 00
info at-no-spam pomurske-mlekarne dot-no-spam si

The company produces milk and dairy products.
The Pomurske mlekarne company has 70 years of tradition, processing almost 70 million litres of raw material every year. Our major products include milk, cheese, butter, quark, milk powder, cream, yoghurt, dairy-based dessert and spreads.
17% of our revenues are generated in the foreign markets.
Our work procedures run in line with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSSC 22000 and HACCP standards. We were awarded several of the principal awards for quality in our country and abroad.
Vission and mission
Our goal is to remain one of the key players in the food processing industry in north-east Slovenia and a pillar of the Slovenian dairy industry.

PROCONI d.o.o.

Industrijska 6a
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 530 50 49
info at-no-spam proconi dot-no-spam si

We are a manufacturer of ready-made meals produced by means of cutting-edge technology, relying on in-house know-how and complying with the highest standards of quality.
As part of the international Fleury Michon group, we are present on the markets of Western and Central Europe.
As much as 70% of products are exported to the EU states, while 30% are sold in Slovenia.
We are a groundbreaking company adhering to high quality standards, relying on in-house know-how. We are a member of an international group with long-standing tradition in the field of gastronomy.
Vission and mission
Our objective is to become a leading provider of healthy and high-quality food for perfect customer satisfaction.


Boračeva 37
SI-9252 Radenci

+386 (0)2 520 20 20
+386 (0)2 520 10 24
info at-no-spam radenska dot-no-spam si

The Radenska company is involved in the extraction, bottling and marketing of natural mineral and spring waters and the production of non-alcoholic beverages.
More than 147 years of tradition and high quality, enhancing the global reputation of Radenska.
75% of products are sold at the Slovenian market, while 25% are exported to the EU states, former Yugoslavia and other markets.
The Gold Award granted by the Monde Selection Institute and the Trusted Brand title by Reader’s Digest are no coincidence as we operate in line with the management system standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, BS OHSAS 18001, HACCP – CAC/RCP 1-1969 and other standards.
Vission and mission
Our mission is to remain the Slovenian leader in bottling mineral waters and the leading Slovenian exporter of such products to the regions of Central and South-Eastern Europe.


Jurkovičeva 5
SI-9250 Gornja Radgona

+386 (0)2 564 85 10
+386 (0)2 561 10 39
info at-no-spam radgonske-gorice dot-no-spam si

We are a renowned producer of sparkling and still wines, including products such as Zlata radgonska penina (Radgona Gold), Srebrna radgonska penina (Radgona Silver), Traminec (black label) and Janževec.
We pride ourselves on the 160-year tradition in the production of sparkling wines according to the classical method.
90% of sales are realized on the Slovenian market and the rest in European Union and other countries.
Dedication to tradition and quality is reflected in the series of awards we have received for our products both in Slovenia and abroad.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to remain the premier Slovenian producer of sparkling wines by developing and strengthening our position.

SASTELA d.o.o.

Joška Berdena ulica 1
SI-9240 Ljutomer

+386 (0)40 533 880
info at-no-spam sastela dot-no-spam si

The company manufactures a whole range of pastry goods – from fresh pastries and cakes to preserved confectionery products.
In production and business, we follow the strategic principle of gradual development, which enables organic growth in all business activities and ensures high quality in the long term.
Our market is Europe.
A wide variety of top-quality pastry goods, including traditional and new innovative pastries.
Vission and mission
The aim is to become a flexible and innovative mid-sized company with a wide portfolio of confectionery goods reflecting the values of a family-run pastry shop and meeting customer expectations both in the variety and quality. We would like to achieve this in all markets that we plan to enter in cooperation with selected retail partners
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