Metal Processing
The metal processing industry in Pomurje Region is committed to sustainable engineering as a major driver of innovation.

Slovenia is moving to the forefront of international supply chains in the metal processing industry, with the best results being posted by enterprises specialising in car component manufacture and assembly. Most of these enterprises are located in Pomurje Region.

The fact that metal processing manufacturers in Pomurje are making a commitment to more efficient technology practice and to green engineering is further proof that the region has a vision of progress that is second to none.

The engineering and construction advantages of the region include:

  • Rich natural resources: a unique supply of sustainable energy (geothermal resources)
  • Skilled labour: a highly educated and skilled workforce
  • Location: located in the north-east of Slovenia, at the crossroads of Austria, Hungary and Croatia

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Net income (EUR millions)
Aleš Skalič
Aleš Skalič
Development Opportunities Consultant


ALUVAR d.o.o.

Gančani 122a
SI-9231 Beltinci

+386 (0)2 542 22 96
info at-no-spam aluvar dot-no-spam si

We are a company with more than 40 years of tradition. Our programme comprises firefighting vehicle superstructures, industrial landings, canopies and fences as well as different services.
Slovenia, Germany and Austria
Aluvar has obtained the EN 1090-2 EXC2 welding standard.
Vission and mission
We would like to develop and produce products that will allow us to become the key supplier to clients. Special care is placed on the local environment and employees.


Ljutomerska 29
SI-9250 Gornja Radgona

+386 (0)2 564 42 00
+386 (0)2 564 42 91
info at-no-spam arcont dot-no-spam si

ARCONT, d.d. is an international manufacturer of dwelling units as well as other metal structures and their component parts.


65 years of tradition and more than 200,000 dwelling units produced


We generate over 98% revenues at the foreign markets, mostly in the European Union.


We are the largest European manufacturer of dwelling units and prefabricated dwelling facilities. We operate in line with the ISO 9001 Standard and excel in credit ratings. Our company holds a number of awards granted for its economic and entrepreneurial achievements and operates as a European dwelling unit development centre.

Vission and mission

By applying fresh knowledge, we act as a global trend-setter in dwelling solutions and pursue the following goals: a satisfied customer, a satisfied owner, a satisfied employee and satisfied environment.

ARCONT IP d.o.o.

Ljutomerska c. 30
SI-9250 Gornja Radgona

+386 (0)2 564 43 00
info at-no-spam arcont dot-no-spam si

We offer high-quality comprehensive services, comprising consulting and on-site measuring as well as manufacture, installation and servicing of custom-made PVC and aluminium joinery products.


We base our work on the long-standing tradition, personal approach and consulting services we offer to our customers. By ensuring top-quality materials, computer controlled CNC production and quality assurance at all stages of the process, we are able to produce PVC and aluminium joinery products of excellent quality.


Slovenia, Austria


The quality we assure is in line with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and our products come with the CE marking. The company’s credit rating is AAA. We apply an environmentally friendly policy and maintain an excellent servicing network.

Vission and mission

The company is known for high-quality comprehensive services and satisfied customers and employees.

ARTEX d.o.o. Lendava

Kolodvorska 43
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 577 62 57
info at-no-spam artex dot-no-spam si

We are a specialised producer of warehouse racking and shelving systems. Our company designs, produces and installs palette, shelf, pillar and flow racks and rack brackets, as well as a variety of steel structures (steel platforms).
We have been manufacturing racking systems since 1972. Products are sold in the framework of 5 company-owned trademarks.
As much as 50% of our sales are generated in the Slovenian market, 20% in the German and Austrian markets, 20% in the markets of Croatia and Serbia and 10% in Hungary and Romania.
Our business is conducted in line with the ISO 9001 and EN 1090 standards.
Vission and mission
Our aim is to become the leading manufacturer of racking and shelving systems in South-Eastern Europe. Based on extensive experience, we provide comprehensive solutions in the field of warehousing through our in-house experts, know-how and our own machine fleet.


Prešernova ulica 29
SI-9240 Ljutomer

+386 (0)2 585 16 00
+386(0)2 585 16 06
info at-no-spam cleangrad dot-no-spam si

15 years of producing and installing panels, doors and glazing for a final completion of clean rooms.
The final product are clean rooms in line with international standards in the field of sterile technology, representing state-of-the-art solutions in this filed. The products comply with standards of good manufacturing practices (GMP), the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (CE).
Export to the EU states makes up 98% of our revenue.
Our business is conducted in line with the ISO 9001 and SCC** standards and by means of state-of-the-art equipment and technology designed for the production of lightweight aluminium panels for clean rooms. By developing new products and solutions, we create trends in clean room construction.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to remain among the top clean room producers in the European market. Using innovative solutions, it is our aim to dictate the trends in the field of clean room design and constructions.


Industrijska ulica 4
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 578 88 20
+386 (0)2 575 12 77
info at-no-spam varstroj dot-no-spam si

We develop, manufacture and sell welders and automated, robotic and manipulated welders, and provide technological solutions in thermal cutting of metals.
We have been marked by 50 years of tradition in the development of welding and cutting, and by our integration in global operations of the DAIHEN company from Japan.
We act as a business and development centre for Europe. With 70% of export and 30% of sales in the domestic market, we are directly involved in operations in 25 countries.
Our experience guarantees quality products and comprehensive solutions in electric arc welding, thermal cutting of metals and robotisation.
Vission and mission
We have been consolidating our position through top-quality business operations and swift responding to our customers' needs, even at the most challenging technical and technological level. Our vision is to become the largest European manufacturer of welding equipment and to be ranked among the top 10 players in cutting equipment and robotisation.

DUKIN d.o.o.

Bratov Pihlar 2
SI-9240 Ljutomer

+386 (0) 59 100 150
info at-no-spam dukin dot-no-spam eu

Our services include development and implementation of innovative waste management solutions. Our products could be categorised into 2 groups. Products for waste vessel storage management (in particular waste cans enclosure systems and underground garbage cans) and devices for the reduction of waste volume.


Dukin d.o.o. has received several awards for its innovative products and owns a number of patents. The company's development and production focus on usability and quality of their products.


Slovenia, Germany, Austria


Innovation, detailed planning and precision in manufacture

Vission and mission

To raise standards in treating waste coming from households as well as tourist and industrial facilities, and to help create global trends in the modern, simple and discrete processing of waste.


Industrijska ulica 7
SI-9240 Ljutomer

+386 (0)2 584 91 00
+386 (0)2 584 91 01
info at-no-spam farmtech dot-no-spam eu

We are involved in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, environmental technology and equipment, and in retail.
The company is successful in continuing the long-standing tradition of manufacturing and developing agricultural machinery.
85% of our machinery is exported to European countries.
Our business is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. We were awarded the Golden Mark of Quality by the Pomurje Society for Quality and other recognitions and awards at fairs organised across Europe. All our products were granted the CE mark.
Vission and mission
As part of a global business group, we wish to assume a leading position in the technology of agricultural transport machinery and manure spreaders in the Central European market. We would like to remain a reliable supplier of complete Komptech mobile machinery, environmental technology and components.


Ljutomerska cesta 30C
SI-9250 Gornja Radgona

+386 (0)2 564 36 60
info at-no-spam m-trade dot-no-spam si

Our services comprise machine diagnostics, measurements, and cutting of pipes and other metal profiles. We are the official distributor for SKF, Timken, NSK, Heko, Loctite, Rosta, Tsubaki, Rollon, a contractual partner of Siemens Flender and a manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic piping.
25 years of tradition, representation of renowned companies from the European Union
70% of products are sold in the Slovenian market, while the remaining 30% are sold in the former Yugoslav countries and the Middle East.
State-of-the-art equipment for machine diagnostics, flexibility, recipient of the Silver Plaque of the Chamber of Craft, excellent and educated team!
Vission and mission
Our aim is to increase the domestic and foreign market share, to increase the number of employees and engage them in regular training in the field of sales and service. Also, we would like to establish collaboration with a strategic partner.

MEDICOP d.o.o.

Obrtna ulica 43
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 539 12 50
+386 (0)2 539 12 55
info at-no-spam medicop dot-no-spam eu

We are an internationally distinguished company involved in the development and manufacture of innovative medical equipment and emergency vehicles.
35 years of tradition. Our equipment is installed in many hospitals around the world. Our development team develops cutting-edge products, which comprise the latest innovative solutions.
The export to the European Union and other markets (approximately 60 countries) represents 90% of our revenue.
Our business is conducted in accordance with the EN ISO 13485 standard for medical equipment. All products carry the CE mark in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to reinforce our position as a successful globally distinguished manufacturer of medical equipment and emergency vehicles, providing premium quality products of the most complex design as well as top-quality services in the field of medical equipment and equipment designed for emergency and special-purpose vehicles.

MEGRAS d.o.o.

Noršinska ulica 25
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 530 06 70
+386 (0)2 530 06 71
megras at-no-spam siol dot-no-spam net

International manufacturer of metal products – flanges, CNC processing, plasma and waterjet cutting, profile bending, welding, sandblasting. Additional activities: carlift transport and towing services.


25 years in the market, processing 3,000 tonnes of iron per year 36 employees


As much as 85% of our products are exported to the EU states.


We operate in line with the ISO 9001 standard. Our advantages include a high degree of flexibility and commitment to quality.

Vission and mission

Our vision is to become a renowned and viable supplier of flanges in the European markets and beyond. At the local level, we would like to become a reliable partner for different services involving a mechanical treatment of metals and carlift transport services. Our buyers are provided with professional, quick, reliable and cost-effective services.


Mlinska ulica 5
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)2 577 22 06
+386 (0)2 577 23 10
info at-no-spam nafta-strojna dot-no-spam si

We are involved in the manufacture of pressure vessels, tanks designed for liquids, and steel structures, and carry out electrical services and tasks involving measuring and control technologies and provide repairs and ecological cleaning of tanks.
We have more than 70 years of tradition in machine industry.
30% of our sales are related to export and 70% of products are sold in the Slovenian market.
We are a holder of the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates, a certificate for manufacture of pressure vessels under EU Directive 97/23/EC (PED), welding certificates in line with the EN 1090-1:2009, SIST EN 3834-2 and 3834-3 standards, a certificate for installation and repair of Ex devices, as well as an accreditation certificate for compliance with SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020:2004.
Vission and mission
We would like to become a leading Slovenian company in the field of products and services for the process industry.

NIROS Janez Tišler s.p.

Cankova 53
SI-9261 Cankova

+386 (0)2 540 10 55
komerciala at-no-spam niros dot-no-spam info

Niros, Janez Tišler s.p. builds on the tradition of the Tiping company, which was renowned for high-quality stairwell fencing in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. Due to high level of customer satisfaction, we received great recommendations both in Slovenia and the rest of Europe.


Our company mostly produces stairwell fences and stairways that bring safety, pleasant atmosphere and well-being to every house. We place great emphasis on development in order to expand and supplement our programme. Besides stairwell fencing, we manufacture stainless steel constructions, steel and brass products (winter gardens, overhangs, stairwells etc.), high-quality and superior fittings (chairs, curtain rails, racks, coat stands, tables) for catering facilities, and other custom-made products.


Slovenian and Austrian markets.


Great quality.

Vission and mission

Customer satisfaction and expansion in the range of products.

TKO d.o.o.

Tišinska ulica 29b
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 539 19 10
+386 (0)2 539 19 39
tko at-no-spam siol dot-no-spam net

The company manufactures metal component parts for construction machinery (excavator arms, casings and tanks), car jack components and various elements for subsequent installation.
We provide sheet-metal cutting, bending (items up to 6 m long, 1000 tonnes pressure force), MAG welding, and ultrasonic weld inspection, processing of items by means of CNC processing machines (items up to 15 m long) and chamber varnishing and can produce metal items maximum 15 metres long and with a maximum weight of 20 tonnes.
100% of our sales are generated by exports into countries of the European Union such as Germany, Austria and France.
We acquired a major welding certificate in line with DIN 18800-7:2002-09 for class E and we employ more than 70 approved welders in line with DIN EN 287-1.
Vission and mission
Our vision is to become a key supplier of metal elements designed for construction machinery within the European Union.

VAR d.o.o.

Panonska 23
SI-9250 Gornja Radgona

+386 (0)2 564 89 10
+386 (0)2 564 89 17
info at-no-spam var dot-no-spam si

We manufacture sheet moulding tools, serial stamped and welded products for European car manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Bentley, Audi, VW etc.
We have continued a long tooling tradition in Gornja Radgona since 1994. Our company specialises in the development and manufacture of high-quality sheet metal progressive dies. The dies are manufactured in our tool shop following our own or our client's design.
Our buyers come from the German and Austrian automotive industry, where more than 95% of our production is exported.
We have received several recognitions from our customers for successful collaboration and excellence along the supply chain. The operations are carried out in line with the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards.
Vission and mission
We would like to become the top manufacturer of the most complex internal chassis assemblies in the car industry.

VIPOLL d.o.o.

Bučečovci 1a
SI-9242 Križevci

+386 (0)2 588 84 50
+386 (0)2 588 84 60
info at-no-spam vipoll dot-no-spam si

VIPOLL is one of the leading European companies that manufactures and delivers beverage filling technologies and filling lines with a capacity from 1.000 to 45.000 units per hour, supplying customers around the world.


140 employees stand for creativity as well as quick and professional work. Working together in the technical field and sales to implement the latest technology at the highest quality, the experienced, multilingual employees represent our dedicated and goal-oriented team. Our experienced distributors ensure close contacts with customers by communicating in their respective national languages.


Europe, Russia & CIS Countries, Africa, South America, Middle East

Vission and mission

To become one of the most recognised high-quality producers of specialised equipment for the beverage industry in Europe and beyond.

Key sectors