Textile and Leather Industry
Pomurje Region is becoming the new springboard for the textile industry.

The cornerstone of the textile industry in Pomurje Region is Mura, a textile and footwear concern established in 1925 that was once the flagship of the Slovenian textile industry. Today, world-renowned textile companies from the region, such Wolford and Escada, produce top fashion and casual wear using modern technologies. Thanks to Pomurje Region’s strategic position and strong economic ties with Europe, as well as the expertise and working habits of the local workforce, their excellent skills and their in-depth knowledge of regional markets, Pomurje has become a springboard for international companies in the textile and leather industries. 

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Tadej Pirc
Tadej Pirc
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MODA MI & LAN d.o.o.

Gornji Petrovci 30
SI-9203 Gornji Petrovci

+386 (0)2 556 90 80
+386 (0)2 556 10 22
info at-no-spam modami-lan dot-no-spam com

The company employs over 150 experienced fitters and seamstresses, who all share the same goal – to offer refined clothing constructions that can serve as the basis for producing light and unique clothes with soft inner finishing and refined details.
MODA MI & LAN d.o.o. was established on 1 October 2014 in Gornji Petrovci and is owned by Milan Mörec. The employees have long-standing experience in high-quality clothes and haute couture.
On he European market, we are present through international cooperation, and in Slovenia through our own brand.
We develop styles for other buyers and manufacture both our own and commissioned collections. We excel in the production of men's and women’s clothing.
Vission and mission
The company focuses on custom-made clothes. The technology process is unique in that the properties of the material remain the same throughout the entire production.


Prešernova ulica 4
SI-9224 Turnišče

+386 (0)2 572 38 66
info at-no-spam planika-t dot-no-spam si

The company deals with the development, production and sales of premium special-purpose hiking footwear and a footwear provider for the armed and police forces, special units etc.


In the village of Turnišče, the tradition of footwear manufacture reaches back as far as the reign of Maria Theresa. Planika is proud of its 50-year tradition in the industry, producing more than 400,000 pairs of footwear every year.


A total of 92% of our sales are generated through exports into the EU, whereas the remainder is generated on the Slovenian market and in the countries of former Yugoslavia.


The company founded a testing centre for the development of new footwear technologies associated with the GORE-TEX membrane. We act as a centre of excellence, developing groundbreaking technologies for the footwear industry.

Vission and mission

The aim is to become the leading regional producer of hiking and special-purpose shoes, as well as to expand the sales channels in the entire Eastern Europe and former Russian federation. Furthermore, we would like to introduce our products to a wide range of customers.

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