Tourism and Catering Industry
Opportunities in the Pomurje Region tourism industry have never been better.

With strong political and business support, public-private partnerships and an ever-growing number of visitors, Pomurje is a region of growth. The strong regional interest in developing sustainable tourist sites creates an excellent environment for investment in a rapidly expanding sector.

The Pomurje Region’s tourism advantages include:

  • Nature: thermal springs and breath-taking nature
  • Culture: a distinct history and culture
  • Location: located in the north-east of Slovenia, at the crossroads of Austria, Hungary and Croatia

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Aleš Skalič
Aleš Skalič
Development Opportunities Consultant



Moravci v Slovenskih goricah 34/b
SI-9243 Mala Nedelja

+386 (0)2 565 20 00
hotel at-no-spam bioterme dot-no-spam si

The Bioterme **** Hotel is the only eco-friendly hotel in northeastern Slovenia. It was built according to the EU Ecolabel standards, with its offer and policy following the trends of sustainable tourism development.


The Bioterme Hotel programmes, policy and offer are closely related to elements of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.


Guests mostly come from Slovenia; however, an increase has been recorded recently in the number of visitors from Austria, Germany, Serbia, Belgium and the Czech Republic.


One of the hotel’s distinctive features is its design enabling self-sufficiency in terms of energy, use of natural materials, offering in healthy meals and the continuous care for a pleasant and healthy service.

Vission and mission

Our vision is to improve recognisability of the Bioterme Hotel both at the Slovenian and European market, as well as to provide high-quality accommodation in line with environment-friendly standards.


Slovenska ulica 52
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 514 12 00
+386 (0)2 514 12 45
recepcija at-no-spam hotel-diana dot-no-spam si

Hotel Diana is a city hotel located in the centre of Murska Sobota and therefore also at the centre of Pomurje. Due to its location, it is a convenient place for business meetings and social events and tourist visits as it offers excellent food and numerous opportunities for sports, recreation, entertainment and trips to the surrounding areas.
In 2017, we will celebrate 50 years of hotel and restaurant tradition. Our Stories from wheat fields (Zgodbe žitnih polj) slogan reveals that we create stories for people and offer our guests a culinary, sport, festive, relaxed and wellness experiences, which create pleasant memories.
60% of domestic and 40% of foreign visitors
We provide high quality services in the hotel and hospitality industry as well as tourism. We offer stories involving wellness, exquisite dining, corporate services, spa and wellness, etc.
Vission and mission
We would like to establish a solid company within our respective segment, capable of outranking its competitors.


Polana 40
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 525 21 58
+386 (0)2 525 21 57
hotel dot-no-spam strk at-no-spam siol dot-no-spam net

The Gostilna Lovenjak restaurant uses fresh ingredients to prepare traditional fish dishes and regional Prekmurje specialities. The rich à la carte menu includes something for everyone. We cater to the most demanding tastes in modern cuisine.


A house with more than 50 years of tradition in tourism. The Štrk hotel has 24 rooms furnished in a contemporary style, including two superior rooms. In 2016, the facility was proclaimed the AFFORDABLE LUXURY HOTEL OF 2016. Campers are welcome to stay, and we also have our own distillery. 


As many as 90% of guests come from Slovenia, the remaining 10% from the EU.


We use high-quality fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes, keeping in mind the needs, demands and wishes of a modern consumer. We also offer cycling tours, team buildings and individual trips.

Vission and mission

To become a leading player in Slovenian boutique tourism industry.


Dunajska 152
SI-1000 Ljubljana

+386 (0)2 512 22 00
sava-hotels-resorts at-no-spam sava dot-no-spam si

Sava Turizem is the largest tourism company in Slovenia, operating in Lendava, Moravske Toplice, Radenci, Banovci, Ptuj and Bled.


The Group comprises 14 hotels, 6 apartment and bungalow settlements and 5 camping facilities. Annually they are visited by more than 330,000 people, who generate about 13% of all tourist overnight stays in Slovenia. The main tourism products of the company include thermal, wellness, spa and conference tourism as well as golfing and camping.


The largest share of overnight stays in north-eastern Slovenia is generated by domestic guests and guests from the neighbouring countries. New foreign markets are represented by guests from Russia, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Eastern European countries.


Through our excellent service, successful products and highly qualified staff we make our contribution to the recognisability of Slovenian tourism.

Vission and mission

Our vision is to maintain and reinforce the position we hold as the leading tourism company in Slovenia and to enter the global markets jointly as a group.


Ulica ob igrišču 3
SI-9226 Moravske Toplice

+386 (0)2 538 21 11
metod dot-no-spam grah at-no-spam vivat dot-no-spam si

Terme Vivat provides top tourist - thermal, medical, wellness and sports services.
The spa's distinctive feature is the application of sodium bicarbonate- and chloride-rich water which is used as a distinguished natural remedy.
We sell our services in the EU market, with the major focus on guests from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Italy and Croatia. We are also increasing our presence in the Gulf countries and Russia.
The wide range of the Resort Spa services in business, sports and beauty tourism as well as organised trips, culinary specialities and the individual approach allow us to satisfy even the most demanding of guests.
Vission and mission
Our aim is to remain the key provider of high quality tourism services in this part of Europe and gradually become the industry leader.

Turistična zveza Lendava vabi - VINARIUM Lendava

Dolgovaške Gorice 229
SI-9220 Lendava

+386 (0)1 200 98 83
info at-no-spam vinarium-lendava dot-no-spam si

The Dolgovaške Gorice settlement is home to the magnificent Vinarium Lendava scenic tower, often called the Slovenian Eiffel tower or a light-house of the Pomurje region.

From there, you can enjoy wonderful views of Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. Visitors can use the elevator or climb 240 stairs to reach the top. After enjoying the view over the scenic landscape, tourists can visit the ground-floor souvenir shop or stop at the Vinarium bar and taste fine wines and regional specialities from the Prekmurje region.


Trg zmage 8
SI-9000 Murska Sobota

+386 (0)2 539 15 72
+386 (0)2 539 15 71
info at-no-spam hotel-zvezda dot-no-spam si

Located at the centre of Murska Sobota, Zvezda Murska Sobota comprises a restaurant, a pub, the Murska republika salon and Hotel Zvezda***.
As a place where locals traditionally meet, it can also serve as a perfect starting point for businessmen and tourists.
60% of our guests come from Slovenia, 40% from abroad.
Zvezda boasts over 100 years of tradition, offering great comfort and excellent traditional dishes from the Prekmurje region.
Vission and mission
Our goal is to become the centre of cultural and social life in the town of Murska Sobota.
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